Pete Seeger - May There Always Be Sunshine

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Исполнитель: Pete Seeger
Название mp3: May There Always Be Sunshine
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Добавлен: 2015-12-09
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I've learned another song in anther language up in Moscow! There were playing a song on the radio and a very catchy chorus. I've found out the words were written by a six year old boy, it seems they had a children's art exhabit. And it was a typical six year old painting kinda big blue sky and big yellow sun in the middle of it. And two figures below. And he's written a poem and has put it on the bottom of the page:

May there always be sunshine
May there always be blue skys
May there always be mommy
May there always be me.

I've wrote it myself)
Here's it in the key of D major, but originally it was written in F major.

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Клип May there always be sunshine - Pete Seeger

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