Photronique feat. Shari Short - Boom Boom OST Бармен

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Исполнитель: Photronique (feat. Shari Short)
Название mp3: Boom Boom (OST Бармен)
Прослушали: 642
Добавлен: 2015-12-10
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Время звучания: 04:08
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Текст песни

Come on over here Baby
Show me what ya got
Open up my world
Spice it up and make it hot

Take me to a place that I have never been show me all the ropes ya know I'm open

Boom boom
Step into the party
Boom boom
Come on and move your body
Boom boom
Callin everybody
Boom boom
boom boom

Don't have to say a word
I'm good at reading lips
But Better yet
just show me with your hips

Hearts pounding to the beat
Synching up in time
the more that I'm with you
Can't get you off my mind

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