Sabaton - Panzerkampf Пеcня про Курскую дугу

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Исполнитель: Sabaton
Название mp3: Panzerkampf Пеcня про Курскую дугу
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Добавлен: 2017-01-09
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Текст песни

Into the Motherland the German Army March!

In the Soviet Union, Summer 1943
Tanks line up in thousands, as far the eye can see
Ready for the onslaught, ready for the fight
Waiting for the Axis, to march into the trap

Mines are placed in darkness
In the cover of the night
Waiting to be triggered
When the time is right

Imminent invasion
Imminent attack
Once the battle's started
There's no turning back

The end of the Third Reich draws near
Its time has come to an end
The end of an era is near
It's time to attack

Into the Motherland the German Army march!
Comrades, stand side by side, to stop the Nazi charge
Panzers on Russian soil
Thunder in the east.
One million men at war, The Soviet wrath unleashed

Fields of Prokorovka where heat of battle burned
Suffered heavy losses and the tide of war has turned
Driving back the Germans, fighting on four fronts
Hunt them Out of Russia, out of Soviet land

Reinforce the frontline, force the Axis to retreat
Send in all the reserves, securing their defeat
Soldiers of the Union broke the Citadel
Ruins of an Army... Axis rest in hell

Oh, Mother Russia, union of lands
Will of the people, strong in command
Oh, Mother Russia, union of lands
Once more victorious, the Red Army stands

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