Sasha Holiday - Done

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Исполнитель: Sasha Holiday
Название mp3: Done
Прослушали: 418
Добавлен: 2016-05-01
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Время звучания: 03:08
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Текст песни

Chasing cars in the dark
Buying time Try to stay young
Lighting fires in the night
Just because We don't need the sun
And I don't want anything
But you here Ducktaped to my heart
'Cause when we roll You should know
Crazy will be written in our scars

We breathe with our heads under water
Water water
Tell us to be scared we won't bother
Bother bother
And don't think we're done
Done done done
Don't think we're done
Done done done...

Down and out in my house
We got wine
That makes things alright
Mondays out Fridays in
Tuesday's been gone for sometime
And I don't think we were made to be great
At anything but living
And you score high when you try
Anything that get your head spinning

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