Speaker Knockerz - Money

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Исполнитель: Speaker Knockerz
Название mp3: Money
Прослушали: 910
Добавлен: 2015-12-10
Рейтинг: 0
Время звучания: 02:58
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Текст песни

Every day I think about the money (let's go)
What am I gon' do with all this money?
I can't go a day without my money (nah)
You know that I'm married to the money

Verse 1
Spendin' racks, you know I make it right back (let's go)
Stuntin' on these niggas, they don't like that (nah)
I found a bad bitch with a nice ass (she bad)
She be playin' games so I can't wife that (oh no)
My last bitch was actin' up, got a new ho
Got a Spanish bitch, she say "Uno"
You ain't tryna fuck, get your shoes ho (bye bye)
Black on black Camaro, it got two doors

Hook x2

Verse 2
I ain't chasin' hoes, I'm chasin' cheddar (oh no)
Fuck nigga mad, get your bread up (you mad?)
Hoes be playin' games, got me fed up
Shawty tryna get in my pockets, I won't let up
All about that action, fuck that talkin' (bang bang)
True Religion jeans and some Jordans
All this cash money, bitch I'm ballin'
Gave your ho my number, now she won't stop callin' (Skrrrt)

Hook x2

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