street workout - Музыка для тренировок Мотивация-Спорт

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Исполнитель: street workout
Название mp3: Музыка для тренировок (Мотивация-Спорт)
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Добавлен: 2015-12-09
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Время звучания: 03:35
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Текст песни

ChorusLet 'em fight (let 'em fight) let 'em fight (let 'em fight) Don't break it up, let 'em go, let 'em fight (let 'em fight) Let 'em fight (let 'em fight) let 'em fight (let 'em fight) Don't break it up, let 'em go, let 'em fight (let 'em fight)
GippYeah, it ain't nothin for Gipp to put it where them magazines change the whole atmosphere of the club, them rattle thangs I'm like y'all, pump sweatin out my triple beams Shirt's off, one on one up in the pork-and-beans Where the walls sweat, security ain't shit And e'rybody signed came up in the club ? (let 'em fight) First came a push, then came a scream Bottles and chairs start flyin and all kinda things
Chorus repeat 2X
AliYo, yo, yo Aiyyo we bust through the door with no I.D.; so what they cardin? Passed the police, SWAT team and the drill sergeant Violent music makin, this is how we start shit Like dem fights, we might jump in the moshpit You can't stop us, we take it, way past the margin Swing a bow at your nose on purpose and hit the target From: The guard get bruised and scarred, pop with a hard head Your garment is left with blood, stained at the party
Chorus repeat 2X
GippYeah, we on that water water, we on that yellow yellow We on them pills pills; tell me how you really feel Brown liquor in my cup I tell a lil' quicker Like real shit on ice in ya grill, ain't nothin slicker I hit that bitch with a bottle, a bottle Put her back in line like her father, her father Slam dunk, cold world put her life back in order And if it go to court shawty you won't get a dollar
AliSaid head (head) shoulders (shoulders) knees and toes (knees and toes) Go in the crowd at e'ry one of our shows (one of our shows) I seen this po', nigga get pistol-whipped with the fo' I seen this hoe, get her head busted with a Manolo Blanco Shit, go on and clear the flo' Let 'em go 'head up, let 'em go for what they know Let this circle be the ring, let the crowd be the judge But whatever you do, don't let nobody break it up

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